Jobsite Mobile takes your maps to a whole new level

Jobsite Mobile - Maps
  • Maps with features that you are used to using with Maps

Most of us have become accustomed to using maps to find and planning routes with lines drawn. We take zoom in/zoom out controls for granted. Jobsite Mobile incorporates all of this into the Office Dashboard.

  • Maps that show the last "checkin location" of each tech

It can be really nice to know which tech might be able to "squeeze in" an appointment, based on where they are in the field. Since every tech's current job location is mapped when they "check in," you can see which techs are the best candidate to run a part to another job site, or take a last minute job, or pick up pizza for the all staff meeting!

  • Driving directions for techs from their phone
  • Tech Routes drawn out on maps
  • Maps integration