The Jobsite Mobile App for Field Techs: Simplicity is Key

Jobsite Mobile - Android
Jobsite Mobile - Maps
Not all your field techs are gadget geeks. Nor should they need to be in order to stay connected with the office.

Techs in the field do not need to be overwhelmed with a complex app that includes everything but the kitchen sink. They need to get in an out and back to their job.

  • Appointments (Jobs)

Sync appointments with your tech every minute to every hour. Techs can call customers, "confirm" appointments, check in and out, and get driving directions.

  • Map Tech Location at their Job Site

When a tech checks into his or her appointment, their location is mapped on the Office Dashboard.

  • Messages

Office staff can send messages to one or multiple techs.

  • Notifications

Techs receive notice in their notifcation bar whenever new message or appointment information comes down.

  • Data exchange does not die

Even if the tech closes the Jobsite Mobile app, appointments and messages still come down and the tech is notified. Same is true if the mobile device is restarted.

We believe our mobile app strikes a nice balance between features and simplicity: offering what's essential within a very simple interface.