Scheduling with Jobsite Mobile means you have options

Jobsite Mobile - Scratch Pad Entry

We believe in giving you options in determining your scheduling "work flow." Here are some simple scenarios of how you can use Jobsite Mobile's flexible scheduling interface to get an appointment into the system.

Start with a "Scratchpad" Entry

You may find yourself using our "scratchpad" feature, when a customer calls in. With Scratchpad, you can essentially quickly jot down relevant customer and job info. Entries stay in the scratchpad list, until you are ready to turn them into real jobs by scheduling them.

Start with the Schedule (Calendar)

Jobsite Mobile - Appointment Editor

Of course you can start scheudling a job at the schedule screen. It gives your schedulers a rich array of information at their fingertips. They can see as few or as many techs as they want on the daily calendar view and on the map route view. Did we mention that most of the data entry process and information seeking processes can be controlled with key strokes? Don't let mouse movements slow you down!

Start with a Map (Routing)

Your schedulers may want to check a map to see where the job fits into tech routes, before finalizing the job. Don't forget to check out our mapping features. More about mapping options